For more information call us on 0207 930 5555 8am to 9pm (we answer as" The Club"), ask for the training section.  UPDATED for APRIL 16




3  TESTIMONIALS from people attending interviews and  training sessions.

4. A copy of ALL THREE COMPLAINTS  received to our trade body in 15 years about our top     introduction service. The Executive Club of St James's

5. For full details of the only professional introduction agency in the U.K with money back guarantees see  for London singles parties for professionals see Weekly events at London's top venues, The Ritz, Le Gavroche, Le Caprice, The Wolseley, Langans, etc



All our training courses are on a one to one basis and will be adapted to suit an individuals requirements. They all carry our quality refund guarantee that if YOU do not think the course was "lifechanging" AND value for money we will refund 50% towards any charity - not happened yet!

      FLIRTING **     Learn to flirt dates (different course for  men and  women)  £225,
                                2.5hrs  ( or bring a friend of the same sex plus £100),  trainer Alun
      WHY DO I ATTRACT WEAK, COLD or DECEITFUL MEN  £345,  4hrs trainer Alun
      HOW TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION ON  A DATE male or females £225,  2.5hr, trainer Alun
                            3 HOURS,  £265, trainer Alun
      PHOTO SESSION WITH 200 PHOTO ON CD with full copyright £145, 1.5hrs Alun
                          ARTIST  £125, 2.5hrs trainer Lana
                          Brighton £425,  London £495 . Trainer Sammy
  HOW TO GET YOUR MAN AFTER 40  an intensive  targeted training course by our specialist coach for ladies aged  39 and over,  covering everything from a   change in attitude to changing you dress and hair style.  £450 for two hours, with options for further consultations.
 WHOLE DAY TRAINING  FOR WOMEN  understanding the male mind and his hormones, Flirt training, make up training, photo shoot and relationship training /advice,  £595  8.5 hours inclusive of  working  lunch and coffee breaks.  (without makeup training at £525) Or you may share with a same sex  friend, at plus £200. trainer Alun and Lana
 ** NOTE:  attracting the wrong type of people is  NOT flirting. Flirting is about empowering you to make positive things happen, certainly not attracting life's losers which includes mean, arrogant, weak, mummies boys, possessive or men lacking in commitment.  Flirting is about attracting the right quality of man (intelligent strong honest and caring) initially to make contact with you, date you, then for you to make a WOW impression on your first date so you can develop  a closely bonded relationship.
ALUN , has been interviewing professional clients for 28 years. The experiential knowledge gained from these  intensive five hour interviews is passed on to clients. Alun is aged 68 with two older sons from his first marriage plus a four year old girl and an 9 year old boy from his second marriage. To say Alun is blissfully happily married would be a gross understatement. 
"LANA the makeup", was trained by a top French company and is now retained as a makeup consultant to the top retail outlet in the UK. Lara will teach you how to choose colours and the appropriate make up to suit you. She will then teach you how to apply makeup to achieve that WOW factor.  All our clients rave about her. 
PAULA the over 38's coaching specialist. Paula set out at the age of 50 to get herself happily married.  She applied her considerable business experience to the task.  Paula is indeed successfully married and now applies these techniques along with her councelling  skills to train and support others to achieve results. She can change clients attitudes and approach to finding a partner along with  recommending changing the style of dress or hair to make you more trendy and attractive to the opposite sex. She may well advise you to get your teeth whitened.  We have only had good feed back about Paula, indeed she was recommended to us by one of our members who in her mid 40's  is now firmly ensconced on a fine country estate with a gentleman to die for - she was his first and only date with us. Paula sure worked her magic for her! 
SAMMY THE WARDROBE,/  STYLE / PERSONAL SHOPPER   Again clients speak highly  about her service. She will meet with you in London or Brighton and will help you select dating oufits to suit you, with the emphasis being on stylish, trendy and sexy. You choose your budget and Sammy will  accompany you to the best places, You  usually have time to select  two or three dating outfits, one work outfit, appropriate bra's  underwear and accessories for the outfits. If you wish she will assist you choosing shoes and handbags. For most clients the change is transformational trendy classy and sexy, giving you with that WOW effect with men. She does not just take you  to designer label shops only at high prices but will seek out where to get really trendy clothes at sensible prices as well,  which will not set your credit card on fire. 
 For full  details of The executive Club of St James's see


 First a message from our owner Alun Jenkins.

 Hi all,
I have always been reluctant to publish testimonials from “happy clients” because I think they can be misleading and dishonest.
If we were the very worst service  in the UK and 95% of our members thought we were the biggest con they had ever encountered, then also by the law of averages at least 3% of our clients would think we  were brilliant  – so how much useful information would you have gained by us bragging about the 3%.  So in most cases to publish this information even if the testimonial was true,  could still present a misleading or dishonest representation of a service.
 However with that being said, I think it may be helpful to publish the comments of clients who have attended the interview and / or flirt coaching session to put potential members at ease, at the purpose of such a long interview. To balance the complimentary comments I have  included at the bottom of this page  the ALL THREE complaints I have had about my interviews and service  in the LAST FIFTEEN YEARS. 
anyway the nice comments first.
NOTE these are the actual letters text and e:mails received, they were reworded to display on our main web page as Google  frowns on duplicate content on different web sites
Hi Alun and Julia,


I hope you are both well and enjoying life.  I have been meaning to get in touch for ages to tell you our news.  Robert and I had a little baby boy (called Jamie) born in February last year, so he is nearly one year old already.  That time has absolutely flown by, as you can imagine he has been keeping my hands very full, the little angel.  Anyway I want to say a huge thank you for completely transforming my life!  My first date with Robert was one month after my 38th birthday, we were married just two weeks after my 39th birthday, and baby Jamie arrived about two weeks before my 40th!  I often tell people he was my 40th birthday present, as he certainly was the best possible birthday present I can imagine.  I feel so lucky, but it wasn’t just down to luck.  When I joined the Club I had almost lost hope of finding a partner who was right for me, and  if it wasn’t for all of your great help and advice I think I would still be single now.  So many thanks once again!


Best wishes,

Walked across Tower Bridge on my way home and decided to use the new  techniques you taught me and Bingo, pulled a date with a stunning German girl. It really was as you said "lifechanging" so esimple , why doesn't everybody do it?

Dear Alun,

Hope you are well. It was lovely to meet you again last 

week. Your thoughts and insights are invaluable, as always 

and I particularly like your male perspective on dating 

and relationships.

Your flirt training seems to be working as I was told I 

had lovely eyes this evening by a stranger as I crossed 

the road!

Natalie, in in a 9 month relationship with one of our members and he is an exceptional catch. Natalie is ready for marriage and children so she came for some advise about how to move the relationship on.  So she is filled with inside knowledge gleened over 29 years on the inner workings of the male mind and hopefully we shall have another success story on our hands. - Alun

Thank you for the flirt session tonight, only  1 hour since I left the results have been amazing. Even before I got tothe train station I got talking to someone on the street, obviously the positive aurora I was giving off. We went for a coffee in the station.  Best Regards Lucy
Well I walked Lucy back to the station and left her 200 meters from Victoria as I though the men would be safe, but no, within a space of 5 minutes and 200 meteres she had  a guy dating her! Watch out guys with her new found knowledge  you will not know what  hit you. Well done Lucy you have an A* first class.  I do not think any other student can be more successful than this, unless they marry the guy as well.  Best Regards Alun.
 Lucy is a highly educated attractive 34 year old and is responsible for multi million pound contracts.

I wanted you to know that the training you provided on Tuesday has transformed my life . In the space of 48 hours , I managed to strike up the courage to speak to  a woman on a train to Manchester . Turns out she is  single and  works for the same charity I volunteer  for . She lives in Manchester but we are going on a date on Saturday night in Manchester !

Then at this night club in Manchester  I have the courage to try your  jewels and sister technique . Bingo ….. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Finally this morning , I am in a little old fashioned hole in the wall breakfast cafe ,  having  the best full English I have  had in years. I complement the chef on her  cooking . She notices my London accent  .  I throw in my love of a Mancunian accent . I try the have you got a sister routine. To cut a long story short, she is going to cook me Sunday lunch when I arrive in Manchester. 45 years old, looks like me 5 years younger, single and fascinating.

then -



Just to repeat my comments from last night. I was introduced by Sarah at your ops centre to  a young lady called Alice . An engaging and fascinating lady who works for a charity. Before your training, I would never have had the confidence to even talk to her . Why, because she is a lot younger than me and a  " stunning statuesque blonde " .  In my terms , far too classy for me and literally beyond my reach. Yet following your training to the letter, we are now going out on a second proper date on Sunday. 

The young lady you were training last night probably thought  I was a ' plant'. Later I had to be assured by Sarah that Alice equally was not a plant , as I have never had the privilege of getting a date with such a beautiful woman.

James a successful businessman, now it appears even more successful at getting quality dates. I think it will not be long before he finds his soulmate.  

I was interviewing an attractive  34 year old lady  ( it was Lucy the client above) and I had told her about James  and how successful he had become after the flirt training course, pulling three new dates in two days. He then called me during her interview about his first date we had arraged for him, as he thought maybe I had paid someone to meet him to give him a good start. Never done that ever! all our introductions are with genuine members who have paid the normal joining fee.  No freebees to make up your dates EVER.  He tells me he is taking his previous agency to court for a refund as they could only manage a few poor quality dates in 9 months for his £1800.  Alun When I told him I had just mentioned his dating conquests to my client he said I bet she thinks I have been [paid to contact you to sing your praises. We can do no wrong with James as he thinks the sourse of sunshine eminates from my nether regions!


Met my soulmate through you in just 5 weeks and we are now planning our marriage. This was a long letter so I have put it at the bottom of this  listshould you want to read it 

September 2013
Many thanks for today it was both educative and inspiring,  rest assured that I will recommend you to anyone who may be helped by your excellent and insightful services.
Michael is a Queens Coucillor Barrister who attended a 5 hour interview session and generously offered me £500 at the end, as he said it was worth every penny, I declined and charged the normal £35 interview fee..
Dear Alun,

It was a delight meeting you and I wanted to thank you very much for the "interview" session we had last Saturday. Not only have I learned a great deal about my dating pattern thus far, but it also helped me to shed some light on events that happened in the past and reconnect with the little girl inside me, and that is invaluable.

Since our meeting, I have reached a state of inner peace and confidence I have rarely experienced before. I've been too busy trying to ignore the girl within me, choosing to pursue status  goals as a successful professional career at the detriment of what matters most: giving her the recognition and love she has been craving to allow her to heal and bloom. I have tried to put a plaster to hide my wounds for so many years, rather than taking the time to treat the root cause and that has proven to be a tiring and unsatisfactory battle.

I now feel empowered and more ready than ever to start making crucial changes in my life and I believe I would benefit from your flirting classes. Please let me know your weekend availabilities, maybe we could also build in a photo session if time allows.

Best regards Clare

Well that is a  heartfelt reply, makes me feel I am doing something right. It gives me great pleasure when I can help someone as nice as Clare to stop having relationships with "losers" as she trully deserves the best . She  really is  a first class City Professional, in her 30's, exceptionally attractive, intelligent and with a figure to die for,  Alun
Hi Alun thank you so much for spending so much time with me It really was insightful and I also appreciate your no pressure approach it really was a pleasue meeting a real Cupid.
Shelly is a 38 year old businesswoman and very attractive you lucky guys. Insightful? about my interviews! two clients use the same word in the same week are they copying? and CUPID hey! - maybe I should take up archery lessons otherwise there could be a nasty accident!
I found the flirting course really interesting and insightful, you will be pleased to know a guy on the train going home gave me his buiseness card!  It really works.  
Avril is a medical professional from Reading ( someone's got to live there!) and is  the third lady to pull a date on the way home on the train after a flirt training session.

“I can honestly say that the women who I have met through the Executive Club of St James's have been some of the most elegant, educated, stylish and sophisticated I have ever met. If you are an intelligent, educated gentleman, looking to find that special woman you will struggle to find a better calibre”.

Charles is a 30 year old GP  from the Redhill area who was recommended by his sister to join us (she is rather nice as well).


 Hi Alun,

 It was a life-changing learning experience of the flirting session last Saturday. I put on the dress buried deep in my closet (which I planned to donate to the charity) to your suggestion and went to a social event on Sunday, two men (though not my type) asked for my number and I made a female friend.


It takes time for me to adjust but I will get out of my comfort zone and practice. In the mean time, if you feel like any other services of yours that would be beneficial to me, please advise. I'd be interested to hear about more options.    Lee  by email


Lee was Chinese and was giving  out very closed signals, with lottery wins more frequent than smiles on her face. Looks like she's well on the way



Talk about meeting a man who changes your life...after yesterday I'll never be the same again.

It was a pleasure to meet you and a privilege to hear some of your wisdom.

I have been working hard to put what you taught me into action. There's still room for improvement but I'm already feeling like a new woman!

Thank you very much.

LYNNE   email



Dearest ALUN,
Sorry if I didn't write to you but May is for me a month full of work and things to do but I'm not complaining... I wanted to tell you that you are a magician, a person very talented and gifted.
I'm really glad that God gave me the opportunity to meet you. Thanks to you I understood much better human beings and especially men...  Grallia   Email


Grallia is a  trendy attractive  53 year old doctor who flew over from Italy for a flirt training session and then went on to one of our London social events. She was the "belle of the ball" the guys were talking about her for weeks and she has some Swiss banker chasing her and inviting her to Geneva. My first ever flirt training session was with a lady who flew in from Bejiing especially for the flirt training and then also  attended one of our social events in London.



Hi Alun you are a genius! everything you taught me is working miracles, wish I had met you years ago, I will be back for a refresher  regards Lisa
Lisa worked in an office full of single,hedge fund managers and interfaced with very wealthy clients. I told her she had the choice of more top quality peole than even I could provide. I advised her not to join my agency but to treat herself to a flirting course which she did. Three weeks later she sent me the text message above.
I met with Alun recently and he immediately put me at ease with his warm, welcoming personality and sense of humour.  He explained how his service works and we spent a considerable time talking about me and what I want from a relationship.  He was extremely professional, pleasant and very honest, which was refreshing.  He provided me with one of the most inspirational and thought provoking experiences about love and relationships I have ever had.  I was extremely impressed by Alun and how he operates his agency. If you are thinking about using a professional dating agency that takes time to find out about what you REALLY want then I cannot recommend him highly enough. 
Barry is a professional energy consultant from Hull.
 Hi Alun,

 How are you?  I just wanted to thank you for the time you gave to discuss with me my dating challenges. You really opened my eyes to the reality of the situation! Although part of my dating journey has been painful, you've helped me gain knowledge that is empowering. I am a different person now! After your initial free consultation I took up the option of a flirting class and after those two sessions with you, I magically started to attract better quality dates. In fact just days after our session on flirting skills, I was asked on two dates with highly eligible men and a third man suddenly gave me his business card on the tube, started chatting and asked me to call him! I am more confident now and although none of my dates have yet resulted in a relationship, I feel I'm making progress and the future is looking good!

 Thank you also for the photos. I've chosen a couple of them to use for internet dating.

 Best wishes,


Sometimes our agency is not the right way to proceed for every client and we offer a course on flirting  at £225  and  a 200 photo shoot  (on a CD with  the copyright to reproduce them) at £145 as we make sure the photographs presents people at their best giving them the confidence to go forth and  make it happen. Members get these courses  free or at greatly subsidised rates.

I am a 28 year old professional female, born and raised in London.  I had never been to an introduction agency before. I went to The Executive Club of St James's, and chose to call them as after doing much research found out they were the top agency in London.  Well, I was amazed at how much information we exchanged after a five hour interview.  Alun made me feel really relaxed and comfortable and it was like talking to an old friend, he opened my eyes up to the world of how men think, what to do and what not to do, as well having made an assessment to all my faults, which I have managed to change now.
Alun, declined taking me on his books, as he told me that I was childish, naive and did not know how the world worked.  He gave me an action plan of what to do and has been at the end of the phone for support.   Well, now  I turned myself around, I know how men think and work and date a lot as well as I have full faith and confidence in myself that when Mr Right comes along I will be able to catch him and keep him.
This client has now come back after 18 months and is now ready to make proper use of our service, and will join us in August - and she's pretty!

 I would encourage any woman who is serious about finding a lifetime partner to speak to Alun Jenkins. The hours I spent with Alun yesterday were epiphanic. His knowledge about about the economics of the "mate market" - and my position in it - was honestly delivered and enabled me to face the reality of my situation. However this knowledge was not provided in isolation but with practical solutions and advice that empoweres me to increase the probability of meeting the love of my life. This alone would have have made the interview worthwhile, but the icing on the cake  - the epiphany - was the awakening of my "inner child"! Okay, it took took him five hours to do it, but wow! I felt peaceful, playful, vulnerable and well - girlie! I went on a date last night with a guy I've seen a couple of times - he said that for the first time my hug felt WARM and he really hopes to see me like that again. The behavioural patterns of a lifetime don't change overnight but now I've discovered the child, I know where to find her.And can't wait for Alun,s flirtation training!!
Jane is a very successful businesswoman based near Windsor completing her Phd in psychology - obviously very good at languages, too clever for me,  I'll get my dictionary out to understand "epiphanic" to understand what she has said, but it sounds something good to me (hope it does't mean waste of time and mega boring?).

  Hi Alun,

I leave for New York on Wednesday, and though I won't be in London and thus available to go forth with you and your service at this point at least. I wanted to say how much your harsh words back last year made a difference, and the flirting session. Since that time, I've started wearing more feminine clothes, actively spending a lot more time in the company of men, flirting more, and just imagining myself in that next stage. I have had a pedicure, manicure, and I pay more attention to my make up. I was even told by a classmate that I look younger now than when I arrived at the school 2.5 years ago. Much of this was inspired by those hard words in London. thank you for caring enough to express them. It has made a big difference. I was even chased by a 27year German two nights ago, and generally I am just receiving more attention. Wait till I get to New York.. I'll keep you posted from there, and thanks again. Hoping to be able to send you some photos of good things coming forward.
best regards , Lana
I advised Lana not to join an agency yet, but to learn to be more feminine and sexually attractive to men .  She came for a flirtation coaching session.  When she  had learnt to feel  sexy feminine and  more flirtatious then she will be ready  to make proper use of a dating agency, as just joining an agency then getting rejected by clients is not helpful.


Hi Alun
Flirted with guy on the underground on the way home, guess what, he asked me for a date! Just had to tell you. Txt
Haven't heard from Simon  (my tube man) since Thursday so I am not sure whether I will get to do a date - a bit disappointing if this is the case but the point is I have improved thanks to you! Also it helps that I know that you (and Mrs Jenkins!) are rooting for me - it means so much, you just wouldn't know. I am really grateful of your support.  txt
Best wishes
PS As I promised I will update you as above - extraordinarily, I bumped into Simon the guy I met in the tube last Saturday. He apologised for not keeping in touch. He has gotten his mobile and Blackberry nicked, and said he was hoping he would bump into me given that we live streets apart. As he was the one that spotted me, I am inclined to believe him. I am not particularly sure whether I want to take it much further with him, given that he is in his 20s (well, 29) and I think there is a gap in terms of how intellectual we are. But I'm going to try and keep an open mind and see how it goes. At the very worst I will have a nice evening, if he asks me out!
(She pulled this date on the underground train on the way home from a flirt training session - and we are so proud of her - want to know how she did it?  click on
I have been thinking of a testimonial you can place on your website - how about this?
I was 34 and single, I had no clue why, neither did my friends. Things had to change and I made a very courageous step of picking up the phone to Alun. He identified what change I had to make after careful interviewing and offered flirtation training that week. I couldn't believe what he was telling me at the training - he instructed me to make moves which I would never think of doing. But Alun exudes so much confidence I had to trust him. That evening I tried out (gingerly) my new found technique on the tube and picked up a nice date on my way home. I couldn't believe it, I've never picked up anyone on any transport before! The first person I wanted to talk to was Alun - it was late but I just had to thank him, as the effect he had made on me was so transformational! email
 “G” a city lawer
Dear Alun,
I wanted to write to say thank you for taking the time to interview me last week. Your kind, gentle and honest manner made me feel at ease almost straightaway and I found the interview insightful and invaluable in helping me to understand myself better.  By the end of the interview, I can honestly say that I felt renewed faith that true love does exist and what that actually means!  I feel more confident in myself as a result of the interview and I am really excited and proud to be a member of your agency. Many thanks for all your help, guidance and support. I’m now looking forward to having wonderful dating experiences!
Sarah xx Director of Global Stategy
Dear Alun,
Of course I will add a testimonial.
I have known Alun for over ten years now; we are very different human beings, we clashed at first as we did not understand each other. It is a long time since I have met such a caring,  genuine individual, all he wants for his friends and clients is the happiness, that he has been able to find in his own personal life. He has all the necessary core values, understanding and experience to pass to others, if you listen to his wisdom, you will learn, how to make relationships grow.-  email    "B" businessman Geneva  ( ex professional international rugby player)
 Hello Alun,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Friday – it was the best day of the year for me, just brilliant. I was walking on air when I left and felt ten feet tall all weekend. I feel I can now “stop dating bloody losers” as you put it, and leave the relationship equivalent of Gravesend! Yippee!  You are wonderfully perceptive and funny and the way you took photographs completely gave me back my femininity, the best present of all. Thank you so much and I’m really looking forward to meeting and hopefully making friends with some nice men. Warmest wishes. email
“Teresa” a TV producer
 And after her firt training  
Dear Alun,

I just had to write and tell you you should definitely be prescribed on the NHS...! Every time I go and see you about something, whether my original interview or a crash course in flirting I always leave your office feeling ten foot tall (not bad for a lady of five foot two!). You really do have the most amazing ability to give a woman back all her femininity and magic even if she's had to be a total bloke in the workplace for millennia.

After a flirting class with you on Thursday, followed by a make up session with Lana on Friday I floated down the stairs to my date on Friday evening, skirt up to here, skin glowing there, eyes set to stun and feeling simply on top of the world. You do do the most brilliant job of confidence boosting. On the way to the date I passed a group of builders, one of whom said "Evening, beautiful", to which, thanks to you, I was able to smile and say "Thank you" rather than staring at him in bewilderment or trying to hide behind a copy of the Metro. And when I got to the date I was beaming away from knowing such secrets as the Pathway to the Promised Land, how to close the gap between you and your date and what it means when their pupils go like saucers...! I haven't quite got Barbara Windsor's tactile warmth yet but I no longer worry about how to handle the hug at the end of the date - I will never forget all those practice hugs with you in slow motion, complete with slo-mo sound effects - I laughed so much during the session after that a hug from a real date was a breeze!

Thank you again very much. The lovely gentleman I met that night clearly didn't mind being flirted with all evening and it seems a third date is on the cards. Which, considering I was behind the door when the flirting skills were being handed out, is all I could wish for!

Hello Alun,
 Haven’t stop smiling since I left, I feel million times better than  I’ve ever felt. They can’t do my makeup  but I’m buying some for Monday  txt  “D”
“E”  Director of Clinical  trials
Hi Alun,

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the guidance, it really has had a profound effect on my self image in a positive way. I am following the advice to the letter and feel so much better already and I feel content and safe within myself for the first time in my life. Thank you, really it has been very liberating to understand the dynamics of the past and I have been thinking a lot about it since I left. Plus smiling at people and talked to someone, plus changing my walk so softer, my posture and also I am going to change my voice. The aim is to be a very different me by the time you see me again!  email

( we gave this client a 5 hour interview and advised her she was not yet ready to join any dating agency but set out a plan for her to build up her self confidence and develop her  flirting skills,)
Flirted with bloke on the underground he’s the CEO of a global engineering firm. He carried my bag and left me on my train and I hugged him. P.S. he gave me his business card and said to call him.
 “F” businesswoman
This was a Miss World contestant  we gave flirtation  training to (including how to hug properly to leave an impression) as she was a little distant, she then pulled this date on her way home. He turned out to be married as they do, but the point was she had learnt to flirt you can always reject them afterwards).
Hi Alun
Just to say a big thank you for the time you spent with me recently. I was amazed how such simple questions could stir such deep emotions from within me. To say the experience was cathartic would be an understatement. Because of all my mixed emotions  I did not feel a “princess” at the time but since returning home I feel  like “the princess of the world” and it is not euphoric  as I have felt like it all week.  For the first time in my life I walk down the street with my head held high being proud of just being me. Thanks 
“B”  a City financial trader




Dear Alun and Julia


It’s been just over 3 months since you introduced me to  Rhona, and 5 weeks since she and I decided to go exclusive and leave the Club. As I’ve taken the day off I thought I should take the opportunity to send you a proper “thank you” for all you and Julia have done and particularly the way you have gone about it.


I didn’t get the chance to explain originally, but the main reason I joined you was that, ironically, becoming a member was so much more difficult with you than anyone else! I looked at two other high-end agencies, both of whom are larger and have a higher profile. You took the trouble to really dig deep into my background and character and only then granted me membership. The others seemed to want to flatter me into joining, even showing me pictures and profiles of ladies before I’d signed up, and would only then (if I signed up for a higher class of membership) really get to know me. I wouldn’t say that 5 hours digging into my childhood and relationships, and then having you tell me all the things I had gotten wrong was fun, exactly. But it was definitely worthwhile to understand where I’ve been going wrong and why, why I find it hard to meet suitable ladies and what my actual relationships strengths are. That type of brutal honesty is so useful and kudos to you for being willing to give it before people sign up...I’ve no doubt many people would have decided not join afterwards as people can find such honesty scary. The way I looked at it, however, was that any lady you would introduce me to would have been similarly vetted and critiqued, so I could be confident that I wasn’t going to waste time with someone who’s not ready or suitable, as I have done for many (many) years.


FYI the subsequent “flirt training” I took was super. It made the first and second dates I had all the more fun for me, and for the ladies.  And I must confess, I got a number of dates with ladies outside the agency because of it! It’s a shame for the ladies that more men don’t take it, but from a selfish point of view I’m glad as it meant I was definitely appreciated J. Your definition of “love” and how you know it’s there was really helpful too.


As for the ladies I met, I must say I was surprised. As we discussed I never really had difficulty meeting, dating or having relationships with attractive ladies, or intelligent ladies, or ladies ready to settle-down. But I never seemed to meet anyone who was all three of those things, and I wasn’t prepared to settle for less than all three. Quite how you managed to find so many attractive, intelligent and relationship minded ladies for me to meet still baffles me. Where do they hide?  


Julia was an excellent “dating wing girl”/”relationship sister” btw. I loved the fact that she didn’t pigeon-hole me and introduced me to quite a range of ladies both in terms of age and personality but all with the romantic-trinity of looks, intelligence and relationship-ready.  I’m glad I left it almost entirely for her to pick whom I should meet, as it added a touch of “blind date” excitement and gave me the opportunity to focus on chemistry rather than ticking boxes on what (I thought) I was looking for. Had it not been for Julia’s skill in deciding whom I should contact when, I doubt I would have met and clicked emotionally and intellectually with Rhona. It brings home how important it is for a matchmaker to understand the personalities of both sides as you just can’t predict chemistry on written profiles and pictures.


Sorry for droning on so long, I’m just excited about the relationship. Indeed my staff find it funny that I turn into something akin to a puppy when talking about it. All bright eyed, grinning and bounding around. Don’t try to picture it, please, it’s not pleasant J


Darren is a Phd. qualified successful consultant with his own business, he oozed personality at his interview and was the shortest guy I have ever taken on, but I just felt he was 100% a winner. I did not keep him for three months, I have never understood how agencies claim to be successful and then tell you they have 3,000 members on their books ( it isn't sucesssful for them!). I have been around since 1985 at the top of the game and I have never been able to have more than 300 active  members for years as they keep pairing up and leaving.  Regards Alun




I thought it might be helpful, as a balance to the nice comments we constantly  receive to  also publish these complaints as well. I publish the first and third complaint  complaint in full as received at the ABIA and my recollection of the second complaint until I can find the original letter. The most recent complaint received in May 2014 has a long detailed resonse from me, so I have put it at the very bottom of the page.


Complaints from  clients about The Executive Club to our trade association the ABIA
We have had just FIVE complaints in 16 years  to our trade body the ABIA. (1997, 2003, 2009, 2013 and 2014). Three of the  complaints were from women I advised not to join, but to contact other agencies.   They complained about  what they were told by me, when they first called, or  at their interview.  The forth complaint was a female city banker who objected to paying her £30 cancellation fee when she cancelled her interview. In 2013 the first ever complaint from a MAN who after meeting just one member decided everything about my members and my agencywas wrong. That's all of our complaints  and all listed here for you to see.
I thought it might be helpful, as a balance to the nice comments we constantly  receive, to  also publish these complaints as well. I publish the first and third complaint  complaint in full as received at the ABIA and my recollection of the second complaint until I can find the original letter. The most recent complaint received in May 2014 has a long detailed resonse from me, so I have put it at the very bottom of the page.
This  first letter is about what I discussed on the initial phone call with me, She was not invited for an interview, and appeared OK with everything said at the time  but  on reflection she took great exception to what I told her on the  telephone, and wrote this letter to my trade association the ABIA.
                                             COMPLAINT TO THE ABIA
    Hi Heather
      Obviously I have tried to rid my mind of the unhealthy things that were said to me so my facts may not be as full as they would have been at the time; therefore, I think it would be easier for me to explain the main things that happened in a series of bullet points.
I called him on the basis of having seen him listed on the ABIA website and  the conversation lasted well over an hour. I looked to this website first in order to get some kind of comfort and assurance that I was dealing with reputable organisations.
    *   He made a point of saying that because I am in my late 30s that I had to understand that it was going to be extremely difficult to meet someone. He went on and on laboring the point and saying that if I were pretty and 10 years younger it would not be a problem and that he would have given me a discount had  I fitted into that category.
*   He asked if I was ambitious and when I said that I was not especially he said that that was just as well as he would not be interested in that kind of person.
*   He also said he would "tell me what men are looking for in women". He
said he knows because he is a man and because of his 20 years experience in the dating business. Needless to say this was patronising in the extreme.
*   He said that he could guarantee that I had never been in love. He asked
me how many times I had been in love and then said he could give me a test to show that I had never truly been in love. It was a long involved example and I gave him an answer which I think he wasn't expecting. He said that in 20 years he'd never been wrong about this point. He said that there was more to being in love than b*nking someone for 7 or 8 years. Obviously this was shockingly vulgar, highly offensive, ignorant and presumptious.
*   He spoke so quickly and persuasively at times that it was virtually
impossible for me say anything in response. It is only with hindsight that I astonish myself that I didn't put down the phone on him; but he was very clever and somehow held me in conversation.
*   He said it was clear that I was not my "father's princess" as I would
not still be single at my age. Again, I was utterly lost for words that someone could be so rude, offensive, etc. He did not know anything about me apart from my age (and dress size which he also asked for).
*   He said he wanted to explain to me "what love is" and that he needed to meet up with me to go into more detail. He said it would take about 3 hours of my time. Again this was utterly patronising and condescending beyond the pale.
I am a postive, cheerful person but I felt quite disturbed after the phonecall: it bruised my confidence and ruined my evening entirely. Thankfully I have good friends and family to talk to so I bounced back from the experience very quickly. A friend of mine summarised my experience very well. She said his behaviour was like that of an extremely clever religious cult (like scientology) trying to recruit. He was trying to make me feel so low and needy and thereby lower my expectations to the point where I would feel desperate enought to settle for anyone on his books.
In my view, this man is very clever, maniupulative and highly dangerous and should not be permitted to practice.
 If you have any doubt about this chap, I would suggest one of you call him up and pretend to be interested in his services.
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.   letter
(this letter is printed in its entirety exactly as received)
The second complaint to the ABIA: around Dec 2007   was from a client who attended an interview.
 ( I am looking for the original  details)  A client  at her free interview thought she could join on a low cost membership. After interviewing her, given her circumstances, I did not think a low level membership would work, and refused to  offer  her a low level of membership.  I suggested she went  for  interviews at cheaper agencies.   She thought that just because she earned a high salary,  that I tried to upsell her an expensive membership for our  own financial  reasons. She was advised not to join but to go for interviews with other agencies and then decide what she wanted to do. She  wrote a letter of complaint to our trade association the ABIA, on the grounds that because I knew she was a high earner I tried to sell her an expensive membership.

 Both these complaints were from ladies I advised not to join and go for interviews at  other agencies. Unfortunately they were both very upset indeed and wrote  letters of complaint to our trade watchdog the ABIA.  I am sorry that they were upset but I feel so many others get such a benefit from the interviews, I feel compelled to continue, always on the basis that if you were my sister/brother and I loved you dearly  the telephone  response and the interview would be exactly the same. I am aware some people like to be told  only good news, "that there are hundreds of gorgeous men out there gagging to meet  you"  regardless of how old you are, or how you look (take them to bed -just maybe - marry them? - get real). 

The irony is in this business, a bubbly very attractive intelligent "sexy" woman is comfortable and generally fllrtatious with her body space, it is always the 'plain Janes" that think you are making a sexual pass at them if you touch their shoulder or sit closer than 6ft. I think I have to live with the fact that 1 in 100 clients think I am "manipulative, highly dangerous and should not be permitted to practice" and that it is better for me to take the wrath of such feelings from them and their attidude towards  men, than to allow them to meet our members.  In all circumstances though we wish you all ( including these complainants happiness - I would give true love to everyone, even Hitler- it would have made him a completely different person) my best  regards Alun Jenkins

Since these two complaints I have added paragraph 49 to the FAQs.
Our  third complaint was  from a female city banker who after cancelling her appointment  refused to pay her £30 deposit  for a cancelled appointment although we offered to let her pay the £30 to a charity.  When I insisted she would pay the money even if it meant me spending a day at court, this released venom the likes of which  I've never seen before. , To say I wouldn't introduce her to my worst enemy  is not true - I would, as it would bring a smile to my face, is this evil?
Although this guy did not complain to our trade body the ABIA,  I thought I would include it as a complaint anyway as it is the first one from a man ever!
Just got back from County Court, a man who thought just about everything about my service and my members were rubbish (although he had only met one member).  The judge ruled that the agency did not fall short in anyway and had carried out our service exactly as described both in the notes we give to help clients and the clear simple written contract we provide including the written sucess rate prediction.
If the guy had spoken to me nicely I would have refunded all his money, as when I intervied him he  really was borderline on my minimum  accptance levels (and he was told so at the interview, low salary, low asset value and rather old/set in his ways for his age), and I would be more than happy to buy back his membership rights and not to have to date him with my members.
However he questioned my integrity, competance etc. so  I refunded 50% of his fee  under our written guarantee and suggested as he was a citizens advise advisor,  he should take the matter to arbitration at The County Cour,t so a judge could decide if I, or my service fell short in anyway, as he was the first male  in  27 years unable to make my service work properly. "Case dismissed" no fault found in my service or the quality of members and the judge  ruled the agency was in no way at fault and pointed out that the agency were not at fault because his date turned up 30 minutes late for their second date in London. 
THE LATEST COMPLAINT MAY 2014 is at the very bottom of the page as it is very long and detailed.
Politically correct feminist ?  what do you make of this?
 Why doesn't God make women more intelligent?  because he wants her to respect, look up to, and love a man!  doesn't she?
If you want to read some actual love stories see


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 Faxed complaint from the Chair of the ABIA

I hope you are well. I received this complaint from someone you interviewed recently and if its true then you really do have to be more careful about what you say, because she has most certainly taken offense as you can see.

I have sinse been told this is not an"official complaint" as the client has not followed it up with a formal complaint. However as it is the first complaint about me in 5 years and it questioned my integrity. Again it is a complaint from a client I would not let join as I thought her highly usuitable for our members.  I have taken  her comments very seriously and made a full reply to her comments.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I'm writing to tell you about a deeply unprofessional, free, 5 hour interview I had with Alun of Executive Club St James' recently.


The interview at Alun’s London flat started with Alun asking if it was alright if his assistant sat in on the interview to help train her, I said that was fine. He then spent the next 3 hours asking me in great detail all about: my schooling, all my previous boyfriends, first sexual experience, family, the date I started menstrating, working life and my first memories in life. I thought most of the questions were thoroughly inappropriate considering he had no psychological training and he spent a great amount of time criticising my parent’s choice of schools, my decision to move investment banking jobs and most other aspects of my life.


He then returned to the sitting room and spent the next hour giving me statistics explaining to me how as a 35 year old single woman I was basically likely to spent the rest of my life alone and I had to do something drastic to change this, this sales pitch went on for an hour, it was not news to me. I told me I was aware of this and could we move on but he kept coming back to the same subject. He then told me I was cold and unflirtatious, but I really don’t think it would be appropriate for me to have flirted with him considering he is 69 years old. I also found him to be very crude, he dropped into the interview “what makes my willy twich” and “Pussy”.   We ended the interview with him deciding I was too cold for his agency and I should arrange an interview with another agency. He suggested DDM or the County Register.




He then went into his filthy kitchen to prepare a sandwich, where he spent 10 minutes discussing me in loud, very critical tones with his assistant as if I wasn’t there, I found this to be deeply rude.



2nd June 2014

Chair of Association of British Introduction Agencies

Hi Heather,


I sent a copy of this client complaint to Sarah my employee who is  under training, without  making any comments, asking   for her comments before attempting this reply, just in case  I was missing something that a new pair of eyes could see, that I couldn't. Her reply appendix 2  It is exactly as I saw the situation

I have only had one previous complaint about my interviews and that was back in back in 1997  (I publish all thecomplaints I have ever had on my web site for clients to read before they attend an interview, as I will this one as well.  The previous complaint was because I told a client because of her personal circumstances she would require a high level of membership for it to be successful .  She got upset because I would not let her join on a low level of membership as I did not believe it would work for her  but advised her to join other cheaper agencies  instead. She made a complaint because she thought I was just trying to get more money from her from a higher membership. I prefer she walked away without paying me £1700 than take her on knowing it was unlikely to work for her.


I also had a complaint in March 2009 about what I had said to a client on the initial  telephone call she made to me although  she was not invited by me  for an interview as I thought she was unsuitable for my agency.


So  as this is the first complaint for over 5 years, which correct me if I am wrong, makes me the least complained about agency within the ABIA members, by far.  


I will answer Miss F complaint fully and suggest you send her the complete response from top to bottom including this letter to you.


I certify that all the information I have supplied in this document is  a true and fair statement to the best of my knowledge of the events.


Yours faithfully


Alun Jenkins

Owner of The Executive Club of St James's


It would appear that the complaint is that:

a.  She thought my questions entirely inappropriate and unprofessional

b . I criticised  her parents choice of schooling and many other aspects of her life.

c.  That I had some form of sales pitch

d. That I stressed how  difficult it was for ladies in their late 30's  to meet decent men as I told her most of the good men  had been taken

e. That I told her she was cold  and unflirtatious

f. That I expected her to flirt with me, a 69 year old married man

g. That my kitchen was "filthy"

h. I discussed  her, with my assistant in loud critical tones as though she was not there

i . I used the expression to "make a willy twitch"  and "pussy".


Background to all interviews.

Client may choose a short 2.5 hour interview, or a long 5 hour interview The reasons for choosing which interview are clearly laid out in para 31 of the FAQ's section ( I enclose this as appendix 4).

Five  hour interviews are usually taken by ladies aged over 31  who have failed to find and / or  sustain a decent  quality  relationship even once in their life. This long interview will empower them to understand why and do something positive about correcting  it.

The format of a long interview is also laid out in the FAQ's in para 49  see appendix 2 attached) explaining how and why we go into such depth about a person, especially their childhood.

Also in this paragraph it  explains that about 1 in 50 clients take exception to the intensity  of  the interview and get upset, usually a day or so after the interview and they are informed they are free to terminate it at any stage  if they wish.  It's like strawberries or peanuts some people react violently to them, but most people find them  tasty, same with our long interviews most clients find them lifechanging and very reassured at the trouble we take to screen out our members, rather than just taking their money ticking a few boxes and sending them home within an hour or two. They  are very appreciative of the considerable time I give them, even if they have not agreed with all I have told them.  These 5 hour interviews are heavily  subsidised at £35 for 5 hours which doesn't even cover my train fare from Sussex. See the comments from the clients attending these interviews and what they make of it, on the web site which all female clients are recommended to read before attending the interview. All training and interviews are given with the knowledge that this is what I would tell my sister. If she was a heavy smoker I would work on her, she may not like what I tell her, or me for telling her,  it but the motive for what I do is the important factor.

A 5 hour interview  was requested by the complainant " Miss F"

When she arrived for her interview she was sat down in t reception on the ground floor.  I went downstairs to talk to her as I had a proposition for her.  One  of my staff, Sarah,  was in London as we had both attended the AGM of our trade body the ABIA. Sarah is a married woman aged 46 studying for her degree in psychology, employed by me as a dating advisor.  She is interested in interviewing clients and taking on my role in the future.  I asked Miss F, if Sarah could sit in on the interview, if she was not happy about that, not a problem Sarah would go home. Miss F said no problem to Sarah sitting in, so I told Miss F, I would refund her £50 interview fee.  We then went to the company apartment on the 14th floor.  Miss F is wrong, she was not interviewed in the sitting room of Alun Jenkins flat.  It is a purpose specific £1.3M apartment with one room being an office and storeroom and the other room being used exclusively for interviewing and training clients. The interview room is themed, a cross between a traditional gentleman's club and country house hotel containing many fine art works including  an Italian  Carrara solid marble statue, several oil paintings, a large bronze and world class crystal.

 The location was chosen because it is just two minutes from  St James's Park Underground and for  its breathtaking panoramic view over the city.  Most client compliment me on the establishment as they say it puts them at ease and is a very relaxing environment as they thought they would have to sit for 5 hours in an office.  So  Ms F you were NOT interviewed in the sitting room of  Alun Jenkins Flat (as I actually live in Sussex) , but an exclusive, expensively furnished  Executive Club interview room.


All clients an arrival are told the format of a long interview againthis being in addition to the notes in the FAQ's clients are told by me  "we do not or attempt  to be a physiologists sociologists or psychiatrists   (we have all of them as  members though).  I am going to give clients relationship  advice based on my personal knowledge based upon 29 years of interviewing London's top professionals,  compared with many clients who even at mid 30's  have not been able to find one relationship of a reasonable quality and hold it for more than 12 months, yet such people may think my questions are inappropriate (so why the hell would I be asking them?).


 All clients are also told any information I give them  is my personal opinion, so they  may  go home and make use of this information or ignore it,  it is their choice.  All clients are also told that I will not take the interview anywhere they do not want me to go, all they have to do is to say "I don't want to go there" but are also told the deeper they go, the more beneficial the interview is likely to be to them.


The first 4 hours of these 5 hour interviews has nothing to do with the agency it is about clients understanding themselves. Why they have not been able to sustain a long term relationship,  why they attract such  losers and what they can do to stop dating losers and  enhance their chances of finding a great lifetime relationship.  I also explain I do not take any notes of what is discussed and I will not remember the interview in a few days time. The interview is primarily a learning experience for the client.  What I want from the interview is,

1. Would my members like to meet this client (bearing in mind they all have money back guarantees about the quality of people they meet, so  this is important to me)

2. Am I proud to recommend them, trust and  feel safe recommending them  to my members?

3. Is there a better/cheaper agency for this client needs rather than us.

4. Will the service definitely work or  are we the  best option available for the client based on my knowledge.


The interview was then started.  It was like wading in treacle, something was very wrong, the client was very distant, obtuse, cold and her body language did not match what she was telling me.  My intuitive alarm bells were ringing, however some clients are slow starters and when they settle down then a rapport can developt.  In the case of Miss F, it stayed cold and aloof.  I will not discuss the interview itself as I promise all clients it stays 100% confidential.

When however Miss F said she would not mind marrying a traffic warden if he was a nice chap I thought what the hell are you doing here, at probably the most selective introduction service in the UK designed for very successful professionals. At that point I explained that we were not the right agency for her and I could  recommend two agencies she might try as their clients are not necessarily as choosy as mine.  I recommended Drawing Down the Moon and The County Register as I know them both to be honest.

Miss F had booked a 5 hour interview and after 2 hours it was obvious that we were not suitable for her needs or her for ours.

Would my members like to meet her?.  I did not believe so, she was pretty enough but had an unusual cold and distant nature about her.

Was I proud to recommend her to members? No, I had no idea who she was, she was so closed it could have hidden a multitude of problems and my intuition was screaming at me. It may well be that there is nothing wrong at all with Miss F but that is my judgement call, and I have learnt to trust my intuition.

Were we the best agency for her?. I did not believe so, hence recommended other agencies that may suit her better than ours.

Would the service work for her. I did not believe so,  as I cannot recall any man I have ever interviewed who was seeking a person similar to Miss F.


Many people ask me if I really do turn away clients who are prepared to pay me thousands of pound to join. The answer is yes I do,  as I believe you are fully aware I do, as I did in this case.


Ms F was told at the interview by me, that  I had no idea who she was, I did not understand her at all and she was probably one of only 4 clients in 29 years that fell into this category.

Sales pitch?  membership was never on the cards so why would I throw any sales pitch at her?

Because after 2 hours I knew she was not suitable for our agency, rather than just send her home I thought I would give her some advice about how to date,  avoiding losers and how to  date decent guys.  I charge other clients £225  for the 2 hour  flirt training course (see the comments of clients attending these courses and the transformational changes it made to them, see www., During this course "willy twitching" and "pussy" are indeed used in context to the amusement of most of my clients, I was after all interviewing a 35 year old woman. She showed no signs of discomfort and made no objections at the time. My previous 5 female interviewees included, a heart surgeon, a barrister, a plastic surgeon, a solicitor and a senior businesswoman aged 31 to 39, all of which had the same interview, not finding the questions "inappropriate or unprofessional" they were all offered membership and joined, reassured in the knowledge that I do interview in great depth which enables me to screen out unsuitable people.

It soon became apparent I was completely wasting my time, as Miss F seemed to know better than me everything about relationships matters,  so I terminated the interview. I walked the client back to the underground station telling  her that perhaps she was "county set" which I do not understand as I specialise only in career professionals with completely different values and goals.


When I returned to my office the first thing I said to Sarah was " thank God you were here, that was a one  of weirdest  interviews I've ever had, God only knows what she would say about what I had said had you not been here.

On my return to my home in Sussex I told my wife about the weird interview I had that evening.

So to address each complaint:

a Questions were inappropriate and unprofessional.

The questions were exactly as all other clients had gone through, developed over 29 year,  normally  producing very positive results for clients. The questions were in line with what I had written in the notesgiven to clients before attending the interview and stressed again at the start of the interview. Miss F was a 35 year old woman, surely quite capable of saying " why do you want to know that" or "I am not comfortable answering that"  or even " I want to go home", why didn't she?  She may not have liked my approach to interviewing, but that is my product, the way I do things,  it works well for 98% of my clients and upsets 2%.

b I criticised her life choices. No, I explained how life experiences affect relationship (especially in your early years) with women often  frightening off strong caring men, and attracting losers, mean, weak, emotionally cold men etc.,  so clients can gain the knowledge if they want to use it, to stop dating more losers.  It also explains why men are mummies boys etc.  What interpretation Miss F put on this information, is entirely up to her. Any questions, and information requested was for one sole primary purpose, so I could give the client the best advice (as I would give to my own sister) based on my 29 years experience. Why else would I  choose to spend 3 hours or more  away from my family, in London, with someone I knew would produce no income for me?

c Sales pitch?  Why the hell would I have a sales pitch for someone I had decided early in the interview I would not offer membership to?

d Stressed how hard it would be to find someone.  That is true. I do stress how important it is for a lady to find a partner sooner rather than later, as most decent guys get taken, leaving many gays, mummies boys and loser, still single. I encourage ladies from about 35/36 to look for a compromise, as I believe it is a  lot better marrying Mr Nearly Right,  than sitting in a flat for 40 years with a dog, which statically will happen to about 80% of ladies aged 38/39. (The latest office of national statistics says 40% of all females in the UK are single at age 50 and I believe this figure is even worse for professionals). To put these stats in perspective and why I stress them. It is like being employed as a military advisor to the Taliban in Afghanistan, the first thing they need to  be told is the strength of the Americans, 400 tanks, 200 aircraft. 50,000 troops, a frontal attack would be suicide, however prolonged attacks by roadside bombs cannot fail, it may take years but it makes no difference if they put 1M troops in, you can still be successful. If  they won't listen to the strength of the other side I cannot advise them. The same with dating, it is very competitive to get the decent  guys so we teach clients (if they want to listen) how to go about it.


e. I told Miss F,  she was cold and unflirtaious.  I did indeed, one of the 4 worst examples I have encountered in 29 years. The reason I said that,  is that if she wished, she could work on it to attract a higher quality of man and enable her to sustain a long term relationship or of course, completely ignore the advice given by me,  her choice.

f. I expected her to flirt with a 69 year old man.  She brought this up at the interview and I explained it wasn't  about flirting with me personally, it was about body language and a warmth required to attract a partner. She then raises the issue again even after I had explained it at the interview, that it was not about flirting with me. I could understand a reaction like this from someone autistic but as the interview never progressed to medical condition declarations  I have no reason to believe Miss F was, so I cannot explain why she would raise the issue again.


g. Filthy kitchen?  This is an interesting one.  One side of the kitchen was indeed untidy as there was some washing up to do, or put away, from the previous client, the other side of the kitchen the food preparation area was clean and hygienic.  Miss F was invited to look into the fridge to choose what she would like to eat. She requested that  I make her a sandwich, which she then ate. Who do you know, would walk into a filthy kitchen, ask for a sandwich to be prepared in it, and then eat it?.  I can't think of any person in my life who would ask for a sandwich to be prepared in a "filthy" kitchen  The kitchen was not filthy although I would readily admit to it being untidy.


h.Talked about her as though she was not there.  Miss F went to the toilet as I and Sarah prepared drinks in the kitchen, we were indeed discussing the structure of the interview when Miss F joined us in the kitchen.  I think it would have been the height of rudeness to have just stopped the conversation, I finished the sentence and then involved Miss F in our conversation. I also think it would be disconcerting to clients had Sarah and I   been whispering. We  would communicate at a normal speaking volume so the client is party to the discussion as we were just discussing the format of the interview so far - openly.

"Pussy and willy twitching"  During my flirt training and sometimes during my long interviews I do use the word willy twitching and pussy in context .  Clients attitude to sex is important to whether they will be suitable for membership, we screen out for prudes and extremes. A 40 year old virgin asking  to join us, meet a man, marry and then lose her virginity to  have children, is unlikely to happen, so we sort it out. Either become more open minded and see what happens or stick to your absolute principles, but we will tell you your success rate will be less than 5% . Again most female clients are very reassured how thorough we are  vetting clients so they don't waste 12 months in a relationship that was going nowhere. 

Later in the interview, if you are considered for membership we require clients to tell us and sign a legally binding statement about themselves, which amongst other things include criminal convictions or warnings, medical AND physiological history including any use of anti depressants, counselling etc.

 A person having genital warts (Herpes) for example must declare it to us and it becomes a contractual condition they have to tell a partner before any sexual contact, even by hands takes place. Members signed  legal declarations will include such things as  erectile dysfunctions, low sperm counts, low sex drive, vasectomies etc. No other agency in the UK operates to these standards, but we do. As one guy said, "only three people in the world know this, the clinic, me and now you, not even my brother knows." This is what we do to protect our normal clients and makes us different and safe. We have had just one bad  incident in the 29 years of my business (a stalker he a city accountant she a GP who lived together for over 6 months then became a problem) that is not by accident, but by the use of very intensive screening and not taking on any member that my intuition tells me, something is not right.


Miss F had exactly the same interview as all my other clients, who found it "educational", "humorous" and  "informative", obviously Miss F did not. I am truly sorry that she feels this way and brace myself for the next client who feels the same in a year or two's time. I refer Miss F to para 49 of my FAQ's (appendix 1  below) and ask why did she  not terminate the interview if she found it so objectionable at the time? She is the only person to complain about my interviews since I added paragraph 49 to the FAQ's 5 years ago.


It is worth noting that over the 29 years, all my complaints (about six in total)  are exclusively from people I have  recommended they should not join, or I have or not allowed them  to join.  Not one single lady in 29 years, who has been accepted for membership,  has complained about  our service or the quality of people they are introduced to, or indeed about anything.

I trust I have fully answered the complaint, if Miss F still feels aggrieved even after this full explanation  then may I suggest that she and I  pay 50% each, for a degree qualified, heterosexual expert, such as a vicar, sociologist or relationship councillor to act as an arbitrator on my "professionalism" as I am always willing to listen and learn in my search to keep my agency as the best in the business.



FAQ's -  all clients are asked to read this before even calling us to arrange an interview they are asked when they make their initial call whether they have read the FAQ's well, if they haven't I refer them back to  FAQ's to read before I will consider offering an interview. Another  a copy is sent to clients  by email to read, with their confirmation of the interview details before attending their interview.



We interview in far greater depth, than any other agency in the U.K.  A standard free interview is 2.5 hours.  Most clients find this most informative and the full 5 hour interview (charged ) is often  a life changing experience ( see "clients comments about their interviews" on and 95%

 of women we see should definitely  take this option.


All interviews are on a one to one basis.



Shorter interviews started between 9.30am and 11am are  free. Interviews carried out by our owner Alun Jenkins are charged at a subsidised rate see para 6 for costs.



We will ask you to tell us a story of your life so far, and we will give you some information based on our 29 years’ experience of the opposite sex and relationships. We ask you many personal questions and require you to sign a legal declaration that all is true and you have not withheld any relevant information. (if you do not join this document is destroyed either in your presence or within 14 days if you go home to consider joining).  These questions  include the state of your physical and psychological  health, ability to have children,

financial situation,  criminal record etc.,


We will at the end of the interview, either advise you that our service is not likely to be successful for you and maybe recommend a more suitable  agency  for your needs, or recommend one of our Executive Club memberships.  You are under no pressure to  join and may go away and take as long as you wish to consider the situation. We never call you after

attending an interview.



Full interviews are usually booked for 10 am or (charges involved see para 6)


In addition to the contents of a normal free shorter interview we  run through  what makes our service different to every other ( we do this at the start, so at the end of the interview so we can’t then ‘gloss it up’ to be just what you're looking for).


You tell us your life story from birth until the present in greater detail. Your childhood is particularity important to us to understand why you may attract the wrong sort of attention/person. We can advise you of any changes in attitude or behaviour that will improve the situation. We often encourage people to soften their ‘hard shell’ to find someone very special (as opposed to another 'grey' relationship or boring marriage as many people settle for). We work on the basis "if you don't change something about the present – the

future will always be a repeat of the past". We will give you the confidence and knowledge to attract and keep top quality partners.


We go on to define “love” so you don’t settle for a second best relationship as most of the population do. We explain how the opposite sex thinks and how relationships develop from sexual attraction to becoming the single most important feature of life. We will explain the statistical facts of why for

certain groups of people it becomes a very competitive environment and how to 'load the odds' in your favour. We usually give you relationship and dating tips.


Only the last hour of this interview is about us, at the end of which we may either recommend an agency more suitable for your needs or we offer  you a membership level you would require to benefit from the service.


Occasionally people get upset because we will not let them join at a “cheap level” as we do not believe it will work for them given their circumstances - we do not like failure. We would prefer they take their  money and join a cheaper agency. If you are offered membership, you will be required to sign a

strict legally enforceable confidentiality contract as we have had several world famous people as clients.  (see a copy on


We are not trained as, or attempt to be psychologists, we do however give advice on dating and relationships in general, based on our 29 years experience. Occasionally about 1 in 50 of our female clients find the interview intrusive and unpleasant, unfortunately because of their closed nature we are not able to pick this up at the time and they may get upset with what we have told them, often  a day or so after the interview (one reason we give a 3 day cooling off period) and especially so if we  recommend they join another agency  instead of ours.


We will always give our time to a client in an attempt to help them, even if we know they are not suitable for our agency. We treat you as though you were our brother/sister we will not flatter you and tell that life is all magic, we tell the truth, the way it is.


If you feel uncomfortable at any stage of the interview,  please discuss it with us. In the interests of our members we will not offer membership to anyone that remains closed and secretive. If you are one of the 1in 50 clients this pertains too, we apologise for not being able to sense it, and  please

feel free to terminate the interview and leave at any stage. To read the comments of clients after attending the interviews read





Hi Alun
With regards to the complaint, these are my thoughts.
- With regards to the content of the interview, you explained what the content of the interview would entail and why you asked those questions. Miss F didn't object to any of the questions at the time.

- There was no criticism of Miss F,  life choices or that of her parents just questions regarding how she felt at that time those choices were made.

Miss F, was given some statistics but I wouldn't call it a sales pitch as you were already suggesting another agency may be more appropriate for her. She was just given honest information with a view to helping her.

-With regards to any terms used eg.pussy, again she didn't object to anything at the time. 

-With regards to the kitchen, it wasn't filthy but a little untidy but she was more than happy to accept food prepared there.


- I don't think she was discussed in loud critical tones in the kitchen. The conversation that took place was me asking details of how the interview was progressing, I was there to learn the process.
Hope that helps.







You should normally opt for the 5 hour interview UNLESS  NONE of the facts listed below apply to you. If any ONE of these situations apply to you AND IF TWO apply,  you definitely  NEED  and  will benefit from the 5 hour interview  -  that is why  we subsidise it, ( it normally costs over three hundred  pounds for a 5 hour interview).  Many clients have found  it life changing. A 2.5 hr interview enables us to screen out who we would like to offer membership to, but you will not have gained much of our knowledge about what your ideal partner is looking for and making really good relationships happen 95% of all ladies aged over 32 would benefit and should ALWAYS opt for the 5 hour interview.


If two or more facts stated below apply to you, and you only book a  2.5 hour interview we are unlikely to offer you membership as we will not take on clients we do not believe  our service will work for.

 Someone wiser than us once said "if you do not change something about today, the future will be repeat of the past" that usually means continuing to date losers. You have to make some changes about yourself. A 5hr interview will give you the knowledge gained over 29 years to do just that. In 29 years not one client has ever said the 5 hour interview was too long, but  it was really  informative.


You did not start dating until 20+? Attended a  single sex school Shy or a private person? Single argumentative  or emotionally cold  parent/s or home life, bullied/oppressed at home or  school, appear cold, old for your age or too serious?  Not comfortable or do not trust / understand the opposite sex, lack focus, direction  or self-esteem, do not think you will want children.  Moved schools or homes often.  Not held onto a  decent relationship for 2+ years   Predominately a  one sex family - mainly women or mainly men Strong  mother weaker father   Lack of warm memories  prior to age under  5  and most importantly - you  would NOT aspire to settle for a relationship of a  similar quality to your parents when you were   aged 12 to 15.


In addition to the above. Were your early dates with guys 20% older than you or married.  Did you date losers - weak,  mummies boys, cold selfish, mean, uncaring, married or deceitful men. Do you seek other peoples approval, is it  important what people think about you.  Do you give too much -  are you taken advantage of and let down.  Do you attract and date younger men?  Do you attract men who are possessive, jealous, controlling and drag down your self esteem, do your friends tell  you that you are too independent, scary to men, think like a man, not girly enough etc.,   Father often  away from home, very busy, strict or grumpy. You  kept one boyfriend through most of your time at  university, or lived at home.



Was your mother NOT at home under the age of 7. Was your mother unhappy, or undemonstrative, have you ever been told you are cold, insensitive or  "too nice or a sweet man" 


All of the above have a considerable effect of frightening off a true soulmate - (and who the hell wants an average marriage that most people settle for?)  and will attract the wrong sort of people to you.  We would strongly recommend you take the 5 hour interview.  If you would "die for  a relationship as good as  your parents had when  you were a aged 10 to 15 and attended a mixed sex school and have several warm memories aged 3 or 4 years of age"  the chances are 2.5 hour interview  is all you need, otherwise the 5 hour interview is  the key to understanding what you must do to break the pattern.


 IF  YOU  THINK 5HRS  OF  YOUR TIME  IS  TOO  MUCH  TO  INVEST  IN  FINDING  A  LIFE PARTNER,  PLEASE   DO  NOT  CALL  US – try internet dating or an ordinary dating agency.

 The costs of these 5 hour “in depth” interviews are heavily subsidised and shown in Para 6 above.


Alun Jenkins

4th  June 2014



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